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What is Am I Pregnant Calculator? Why is it used?

Pregnancy is a moment filled with happiness and anxiety. This holds more truth for the first-time mothers. Am I Pregnant Calculator is that simple calculator which confirms whether you are pregnant or not. The calculating device assesses the various symptoms of pregnancy to give the results. After using the simple calculator, you will get to know if you are expecting a baby or not. It takes into account the date of your last menstrual period, the various symptoms of pregnancy and the various tests that are undertaken. After one is confirmed about pregnancy, there will be 40 weeks of complete celebration.

Am I Pregnant CalculatorPregnancy calculator to know if the menstrual cycle is late

Besides helping you to detect whether you are pregnant or not, am I pregnant calculator can also help you to learn if the menstrual period for this time is late or not. So, we can say that it is also the late menstrual period calculator. You get to know through the calculator whether or not you must take a pregnancy test. For those who are pregnant, they do not have a menstrual period. Perhaps, this is the early and foremost sign of conception.

Keep track of menstrual period

Whether or not one is pregnant, it is vital to keep track of the menstrual cycle. It helps to detect if one can at all be pregnant or not. Even if someone is not conceiving, there can be an instance of a missed period. This is the sign of missing ovulation. Using the calculator is easy. You just need to enter the date when you had your periods to learn whether you are late or not.

Am I Pregnant CalculatorCalculate the due date of delivery and the age of the baby

You may be wondering how your gynecologist calculates the delivery date and the age of the baby. Well, now you can also know that easily. The process is simple whereby you can use Am I Pregnant Calculator to know the baby’s age and due delivery date. Through the calculator, you may know exactly when the baby was conceived. Since most women wish to have complete information about the unborn baby, they use pregnancy calculator. It offers a lot of convenience to the excited mothers who want to collect complete information on the unborn baby. Women know about pregnancy stages and the various implications through the calculator. They may know about conception, the due delivery date.

The various uses of pregnancy calculator

The primary usage of this pregnancy calculator is to calculate the conception date, the due date of delivery. With the tool, you may also know when the first and second trimester will end. You may know the number of weeks you are pregnant, find the age of the fetus, know the weeks you get pregnant on a certain date, the conception date, and the birth date. You may use this calculator along with week-by-week pregnancy calendar.

Am I Pregnant CalculatorThe ways of using a pregnancy calculator

After learning about the uses of am I pregnant calculator, you may be wondering how to use it. A lot many pregnancy calculators may be accessed. It is easy to use such online calculators since you need to enter the date of the menstrual cycle and the days in the menstrual cycle to know the results. Just press the button ‘calculate,’ and you will get the results. Normally, a menstrual cycle has 28 days in all, but one can have periods in 22 days or even stretch it to 44 days. The calculator will take into account the number of days in your menstrual cycle. It will then calculate the conception date and finally find out the due date of delivery. Here you need to make sure that you are accurate about the dates. The more accurately you know your menstrual cycle, better will be the results.

The way the pregnancy starts

It is all during ovulation that pregnancy starts and takes place on the 14th day after the commencement of the menstrual periods. If the cycle is of 28days, ovulation will occur 14 days after the periods. If the ovulation cycle is pretty long, one can ovulate days after the 14th day. So, conception might occur 5-6 days before ovulation date. Conception happens when the sperm of the man fertilizes the egg of the woman. The egg and sperm join in the fallopian tube to form a zygote. This zygote eventually develops in the embryo to form a fetus. Fertilization of the egg must start with an implant, and only then pregnancy will occur.

Am I Pregnant Calculator Quiz you can take up?

If you are suspecting that you are conceiving, you may take up am I pregnant calculator quiz. By answering certain questions, you can know if you are pregnant or now. Following are some of them:

  • Are you feeling dizzy? You may know already about morning sickness. Women who are pregnant, they experience nausea and dizziness. This symptom occurs just before missing a menstrual cycle. But, know one thing that a woman might feel nauseated due to food poisoning or other conditions.
  • Do you feel cravings for certain foods? Your food habits or eating choices might change when you get pregnant. If there is craving for certain types of foods that you didn’t have before, you may be pregnant. Change in appetite is also the sign of pregnancy.
  • Is your mood a bit different? Mood swings are pretty common in pregnancy. You may experience a change in the energy level or experience mood swing. Women also feel stressed, exhausted and depressed.
  • Do you experience pain or aches in the body? Pregnancy is such a phase where one experiences aches in some areas of the body. This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. In fact, such pains will fade away after a few weeks.

If you have to move to the restroom frequently, you may be pregnant. There are various ways detecting pregnancy and am I pregnant calculator is the best way of doing so.